Gamify your events

ThankyouAge helps you make your audience experience something sensational Quiz activities add a competitive element that stimulates your audience participation and makes your session a total success. With each response, participants earn points by giving quick and correct answers.

App available for Android and iPhone.

Captivate your audience in real time.

ThankyouAge is an interactive platform that will help you captivate and engage your audienceby making your event participative and entertained.

Real-time feedback will bring more energy to your events , and a leaderboard will inject fire to the competition.

Finally, turn your events into quiz shows and run engaging training sessions for customers and partners.

Interactive solution

ThankyouAge allows your audience to participate using a mobile device from any place with an internet connection. Also, provides tools to analyze the participant preferences in real-time and display their results on a main screen.

Our platform supports different interactive activities that include survey, quiz and team quiz. Thus cover from small internal events to large international conferences and competitions shows, which can be adapted according to your event necessities.

Our Key Features

Our services will help you promote your products and services using interactive quizzes, turn events into game shows and run engaging training sessions with employees, customers and partners.

tya talk

ThankyouAge Talk

Using the one-on-n video participation function,
Visually view your entries and results in the quiz.


View user's real-time scores and rankings.
It stimulates the audience by adding a little competition.


Immediate reflection of your response
Listen to the audience's opinions and understand trends in a matter of seconds.


If you have any questions, just type them right in the chat room.
The host picks out the questions he wants and shows them on the screen.


If you have a smartphone, you can participate in quiz games.
Share it with your friends via Kakaotalk or URL.


Using a variety of functions, such as photos, videos, votes, the survey.
Camp members can communicate with them.

Interactive platform for participative events

Our platform will help you deliver an amazing experience to your audience. Facilitating interactivity, getting feedback, and engaging your participants easily.

Engage Your Audience

Fun, competitive and dynamic, you will captivate their attention from the first question. It will help you break the ice at your event.

From small to large scale

Manage events of any size. Up to 2000 user can join your quiz events, and all what they need is a mobile device with internet connection.

Immediate feedback

Real time results on a big screen, which can be analyzed immediately. Move forward with your audience.

Custom design

Add custom branding with your own company's logo. We can customize your event screens and results display.

Our Formats

Our platform will help you develop fascinating interactive TV formats like talk shows, quiz shows, and live TV shows. ThankyouAge supports up to one million of participants.


App available for Android, and iPhone.